Road trip with grapes

My husband and I just got back from a trip to Philadelphia.  It was wonderful to see our McGlone family, to spend time with my mother-in-law, and to attend our niece's wedding.  My husband likes to drive straight through (that's 13 hours without stopping to eat, or rest, or use the "facilities").  He thinks that stopping for the night is a waste of time.  I think that we're retired, so what's the hurry?  Anyway, that's a story for another blog.

We try to pack healthy snacks for our road trips.  This time, we took apples, nectarines, and red grapes.  I admit, though, that after hour ten in the car, I decided I needed to reward myself with a big, fat Whopper with extra pickles.  Most of the time, I behaved and dutifully ate the fruit.  The red grapes were in a red Tupperware bowl.  My husband and I were both mindlessly grabbing at them without glancing down.  When I did look down, I screamed, "The grapes are moving!!!  ACK!!!  There's a cockroach in the grapes!!!  Have I been chewing on cockroaches?!?!?!"  We were stopped in traffic, so my husband told me to just throw all the grapes/cockroaches out the window.  I couldn't bring myself to do that...what if the cockroaches/grapes landed on some unsuspecting passenger in a car behind us?  I got a napkin and tried to dig the damned thing out and squash him.  EWWW.  Just EWWW.  The cockroach was faster than I was.  It tore out of the bowl and escaped.  I'm assuming it is still in our van.  I haven't gone looking for it.  

I believe that somewhere cockroaches are meeting and planning their next attack.  I'm guessing they're seeking revenge for their brethren that I squashed heartlessly in my Keurig.  Also, I won't be eating red grapes for a while.  


  1. So now you guys think you are ahead with your imported cockroaches.


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